The Paths Apart Productions LLC management team of Karen Aasand  (president) Fred Kuehnert (producer), Rich Asher (chief financial officer), bring decades of film production, accounting, and finance experience to the table, evidenced in relationships with the Christian community, the film community and the financing community. This background has already opened doors to fund-raising, distribution, and property acquisition opportunities that indicate a strong practical interest and support for the company and its management team.

Karen L. Aasand (president) founded Paths Apart Productions LLC and brings her background in finance and small business management and consulting to the table, as well as her strong faith in God. She started out with Equitec Leasing Company in the early 1980’s, managing a portfolio of leased equipment for investors in Limited Partnerships. From there it was a short leap to Financial Planning for AIS Financial Services. She then established her own successful consultancy designing client financial portfolios, which led to evaluating investment opportunities.

This ultimately led to consulting with entrepreneurs and at one point, being asked to be president of Business One Source, Inc., a start-up firm, where she supervised all major aspects of day-to-day business, including product development, sales and marketing and personnel development. During the mid 1990’s, while working for Rochon Capital Group in San Rafael, California she solicited publicly-traded corporations, introducing their CEO’s and CFO’s to offshore financing options. She has served as director for several not-for-profit organizations, in many capacities, including that of president.

She brings a record of results in satisfying the goals and interests of diverse groups within larger frameworks. During the last 12 years she has worked on a project basis developing several spiritually-focused film projects and as a Christian Science practitioner.

Mr. Fred Kuehnert (producer) has been recognized within the film industry, including by the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, as an important, independent film producer. As the executive producer on his first film, “The Buddy Holly Story” (1978, Columbia Pictures), he worked on the development, production and distribution of the Academy Award-winning film. The film is known widely as a classic and was characterized by film critics Siskel and Ebert as “the best Rock n’ Roll film ever made.”

Subsequent films including, “That’s Black Entertainment,” have also garnered generous awards. Due to his reputation and relationships, he has been successful in launching the careers of numerous first-time directors, securing financing and producing cost effective motion pictures and subsequently negotiating both domestic and international distribution thereof.

He is currently developing several family films with modest budgets: including, “Racket” ($3M), about an underprivileged Latino girl in New York who learns pride in work and becomes a tennis protégé; “Termite’s Path” ($10.5M, with a $5.5M advertising and prints budget), the true-life story of Maurice “Termite” Watkins, former prize fighter who felt called to go to work in Iraq and was protected by his faith as he found himself coaching the first Iraqi Olympic team in decades and “Riding on a Dream”, the triumph-over-tragedy story of Olympic equestrian Debi Connors.

Mr. Rich Asher (C.P.A. – CFO) is currently working in the real estate field. He has worked with a number of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in a wide variety of product and service areas. He recently sold his half interest in a successful $10 M per year film industry business. His past experience as CFO for two large organizations provide him with the specific resources required to handle the activity and challenges of a start-up, as well as preparing him to handle multiple income streams while serving the needs of various constituent entities demanding reliable and accurate accounting.