Current trends in thought, religious dialogue, entertainment excesses, world events, and educational lapses have given genesis to Paths Apart Productions. Seeking a deeper meaning in life is a major question in thought today. Growing secularism, excessive sensualism, materialistic focus, and violence presented in mainstream entertainment demands a higher standard be evidenced in the visual medium.

The company mission is to produce films with a spiritual underpinning that will help dissolve cultural, social and spiritual polarization – within and between races, religions, ethnicity, cultures, age, gender, nationality etc. The films encourage an understanding that there is a better – and ultimately more satisfying way to deal with our fellow human beings. The understanding that lives can be directed by and changed for the better by God is a central theme. Seeing evidence of a life or situation changed by the presence of and reliance upon a Divine Influence is the important message.

The company plans to be a leader in this genre by producing a product that not only exemplifies how people have transcended the common experience, bringing healing and hope to themselves and others, but additionally by making films that are entertaining, interesting, and financially profitable.

The company will strive for quality, accountability, and transparency in every aspect of the business whether it is in office procedures, selling techniques, film production values, negotiation strategies, etc. It is important to the principals that the highest expression of ethics and morals be practiced. Not only is it a protection to the integrity and viability of the business it is the only way the principals feel they can preserve all financial and creative interests properly.